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OH! My Bad, Dave. I thought the constraint was just the $, cap. LOL, I'd cheat and have some one buy it, then buy it from them.

I in no way mean the kits but there are some amazing DIY mills and lathes. Never looked for vids for that but has to be some. Really not hard. Motor to make a chuck spin on an adjustable bed. Can graduate via a formula the exact amount of movement per turn /revolution. Or just use a dial indicator which you'd want any way.

There is a build here (any one remember and have a link?) Guy built all these great tools in his kitchen from parts. Then built a motorized bicycle that was featured in a magazine.

Dunno. Really feel for ya with the needing a tool and not having it.

I meant it big time. Thanks (from many of us, I'm sure) for those links and they sound great. Learned a ton about this, welding, building my shop. Just amazes me what available. This one is pretty awesome, too;

My Saturday night is planned around checking out the links you gave. (TY again!)

Tonight, I got comped tickets to the "The MOuTH" show in Hartford!! Am excited. Is on NPR and really cool. I wanna submit stories but always forget.
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