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Ok, that's just not fair. That lathe/mill is worth every dime, my problem is I need to find it used Part of the weird laws and rules SSI makes you live by. A new lathe is an asset and has to be sold but a used one is a tool and they don't consider a tool that the can only be sold for a quarter of it worth or less then they don't bother and it doesn't count against your Resource limit What sucks is there WAS one on eBay like the smallest one for about a grand buy-it-now.

Search on the videos, I thought maybe someone had already posted about this. I'm not kidding, I think watching these guys is like getting an apprenticeship with some of the best. Not a CNC in sight but Keith Fenner did put together a PlasmaCAM, a computer driven plasma cutter. Another great thing is they will answer your questions.

I have a couple of projects for them. Keith Fenner and Abom both take mail-in work because they do video on it. It's the variety of projects that's amazing. I talked with Fenner about keyways and which kind is stronger cut, the end cutter kind or the horizontal mill cut. Horizontal mill cut is stronger and what he uses in the 1.5" 350 pound boat shafts he builds.
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