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I did a search on this but got nothing so...

I've been watching several small shop machinists on youtube. These guys are good. Keith Fenner runs Turn Wright Machine Shop, a one man job shop that specializes in everything as a good machinist should. Very best thing is he shares his knowledge without talking down to you, setting up weird tutorials, or really push product on you. He does sell a pink sweat shirt with the shop name but that's more of a goof Then there Abom79. Adam Booth is a 3rd generation machinist who has made everything from the tiniest parts to repairing immense hydraulic rams at his job. The guy is so into it it's his job, side job, and hobby Tom Lipton oxtool is another, he can be a bit of a joker at times. He once sent Adam a 4 jaw chuck for his Monarch lathe, welded up in an 1/8" aluminum box....Adam had to cut it open on the mill so as not to ruin anything. The chuck was undamaged and Adam had an aluminum box to go with it. I think Adam was a bit bent out of shape at first then he got into the humor of the situation Keith Rucker shares his spare time at the Georgia Museum of Steam and his small shop at home. He's mainly been restoring a wood plane that runs off shaft drive pulleys that are driven by their stationary steam engine. He also maintains the small steam locomotive they have.

But if you're going to watch any of these it's Keith Fenner. He is among the very best machinists in the country as far as I'm concerned with Adam Booth a close that's not right, a close parallel but all 4 are worth watching. I guarantee you will learn.

These guy otta keep you occupied for the winter

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