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Dave, I can't say this strongly enough, it is a cool thing to have! Northern tool has the exact HF one for $1500. Sold under a different name and color. And is in inches not mm. Paid $800 at HF when it got discontinued.

The thing about em is ya really have to figure in the cost of tools for the tool. So far, has cost me at least $500 just for tools. Then there is the raw materials.

Still, so, so worth it! Craigslist is your friend.

Mine is more than enough for what I do now but will be buying a dedicated mill as soon as I can make some money with this 3-in-one. Just sayin'. But to make one of a kinds here and there, this is a great choice.

But even if you have to wait a bit, a perfect situation might be a hobbyist who got board but will include something similar with all the odds and ends you will need to do anything.

Just looked on clist and there is a CNC, commercial mill for $1800 here. I'd be calling right now if I had the $ stashed, lol.

Just some thoughts & IMVHO, but would look around. With patients, can do really well within your constraints.


Man, know what you mean about the meds, Brodder. Mine cost 3X what I make a month, a month. And one is (as of last week) no longer covered by my insurance. Just crazy.
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