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I'm very close to getting a mill/drill/lathe here pretty soon I have a small inheritance coming in next month. Because I'm on SSI I have to convince Social Security that a used tool is not a resource. When your on SSI there's a $2000 Resource limit. I can have a place to live (30 foot travel Trailer) a car any value (Freightliner Sprinter, cargo van). I consider a "resource" to be cash, gold and silver, jewelry, stocks & bonds, things like that. Tools are not a resource. I did manage to convince them that music equeptmtnt isn't a resource and they agreed, it is a tool.

I had my eye on a real nice used ENCO I think it is on eBay but of course it sold. I'd rather have a better brand than the HF one, I can't save the money, it would put me over the limit and I don't cheat on this. I absolutely can not work doing anything like I used to and the benefits paying for my drugs are almost higher than what I get to "live" on.
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