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Hey, Special K. I did not know you did not build/assemble your bike.

Majorly important, take pictures of absolutely every thing and post. Thing is, ya just don't know what the builder didn't know or thought was good enough! I been at this for around 10 years and learn some thing new at least once a week after dozens of builds. That and have seen some really scary stuff. One "profesional" sold a kid a motorized bicycle with the engine secured with hose clamps!

In the approximate 10 years, have never seen a rag joint fall off. I still can not figure it out.

Post lots and lots of pictures! Really and please.

Also, if any one of us is near you, try and meet up some time or go to a group ride. If no motorized bicycle events are near you, set one up. Great fun and many minds make great and safe MBs.

To set up a ride and meet other motorized bicycle folk, just start a thread in the events section and meet up at a park. They really are a blast and motorized bicycle folks are fun. Really nutz but fun.

Like Kiosk said, I to am mightily impressed with your tenacity and refusing to give up! I've seen grown men want to cry at the frustration. But when ya "win" and she runs & runs well, a big ol' high and good, good feeling.

Just purty cool and keep up the good work!
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