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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Allen, back when we were all on the DIY tanks with PVC and ABS pipe. I took an empty Tide jug, carefully washed it out. (lol, takes forever to wash soap out of a container. It is like trying to throw away a garbage can, sorta thing)

But let it sit for a year with gas in it and was just fine!

LOL, ya coulda told me about that fancy, book learnin' science stuff and saved me a lot of time, Buddy.

...and tide jugs have spigots. Add a vent and is a perfect gas jug, fer sure.

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Complete non sequitur: drove to a laundromat on a near-empty tank a few years back. Used the last of my detergent, but had a couple bucks in change left. Almost bought a soda (but it was a good thing I didn't). Loaded van with clothes and made to go home. Van starts then sputters and dies. Tried again but knew what would happen and why.
Went back in laundromat to thoroughly rinse Tide jug. Also made mental note to buy a friggin' gas can when I got paid. Made sure van was locked. Walked 1/2 mile to gas station. Got almost a gallon (those were the days). Tide jug held up fine. Put gas in van & drove home. Knowing just a little science has saved my sorry butt on more than one occasion. (It's also helped get me in trouble too, but I have this rug I sweep that under.)
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