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Default Re: Still sputtering/chugging

Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
Today I found a screw at home that fit the hole and am using it. I remembered that the original screw had a spring on it too so I took the spring off of a ball point pen and am using that on the screw I found that fits.

Any thoughts?
Your innocence and lack of mechanical knowledge are adorable. My thoughts are that I'm glad you're not a commercial-airline mechanic. You DO get major points for "gumption" and "sticktoitiveness"; I admire your attempt at memory-based-repair.

The idle-screw is proprietary, so I doubt the one you used is adequate to maintain proper idle. The spring is also proprietary, and keeps the screw from moving around due to vibration. That said, the idle-screw is the least of your carb problems, although not having it is a major irritant; idle is not critical to a properly operating engine. I expect you have an NT carb. If so, these excellent devices are so CHEAP that you'd be better off buying a new one on eBay for $10 than trying to find replacement parts. Buy a new one and remove that problem from the equation.

Keep learning and don't give up! These kits are excellent engineering'll soon start having "ah HAAA!" moments.


Congrats on the inner-tube replacement! It seems like a simple task, but it's a VERY important skill around here. You'll soon level-up to actually PATCHING a tube!

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