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Default Still sputtering/chugging

I hope my motor sputtering/chugging is from the last time I got gas, though that does surprise me because I got it at Gate. Or . . .

The idle adjustment screw that goes in the carburetor might be the problem. I lost it somewhere. Today I found a screw at home that fit the hole and am using it. I remembered that the original screw had a spring on it too so I took the spring off of a ball point pen and am using that on the screw I found that fits. I might just need to keep tweaking it until I get is adjusted so it doesn't sputter, if that is the problem instead of the gas.

Any thoughts?

I sure am learning a lot about my bike, both the motorized part and general bicycle repair too. Tonight I had to replace inner tube for the first time, but I did it!

Other than periodically checking for loose screws, nuts, bolts, what other general maintenance do I need to do on a motorized bike?

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