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Oh big time, Dan. The least happy person in most shops is the accounts receivable or owner. Crazy rough business. Aerospace is the huge consumer here. The expense of equipment and trying to keep staff busy (@ $15 to $80 an hour) on machines that cost, can cost more then a house has to be a nightmare. At a markup rate of 17 or so percent! And using literally space age and exotic raw materials.

Really funny thing. Our commencement speaker gave everyone in the class a little gift bag/welcome to the world/we have work for you. In the goody bag was a mouse pad with his company's logo. Embossed on the back was the very clear "Made in China"

The subject of his speech was "American manufacturing. Production is returning to the U.S."

After, he did not find it half as funny as I did.

...and then, didn't offer me a job. Duhhh lol
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