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Thanks Odder Brodder, Dan!

Odd thing. I have a courier business and here in CT, U.S.. I end up in a lot of machine shops and production facilities. People who do this (produce parts) for a living always seem calm and happy. Not bouncing off the walls, ecstatic happy. Just sort of content. I've never seriously considered doing this for a living in some one elses factory. For all the many down sides & pit falls of being self employed, it works for me. In school for this stuff, I would tell fellow students the above about workers seeming happy. Mostly met with skepticism.

But it really is pleasant. Ya have the time and actually avoid working fast and enjoy the task. Ya have the time to consider other stuff while working. Kinda like driveing. (Which I also love to do)

But really, the coolest part is instead of thinking "they 'oughta make a...."
Ya can think it, mock it up and then make it.

That is just too cool.

worst apocalypse ever

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