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Smile honda moped expansion chamber?

Hey guys i havent been on the forum for awhile but i was hanging out with my super chill neighbor and he was drunk and basically told me his wife was *****ing, moaning and complaining that he has too many motorcycles and projects in his garage well anyway he has two identical yellow 1978 honda express nc 50 2 stroke mopeds just sitting rusting in his garage, he bought them over 15 years ago at a swap meet and had the second as a parts bike in case the other honda in better shape would break, and he sold me one of them for a whopping $20 lol.... anyways does anybody have any experience with these? Ive put about $100 of parts into already (new tire, tube, spark plug, fuel line, battery, headlight bulb etc) and it came with no pink slip or bill of sale so i just mailed the dmv a motorized bicycle application for a new title with a money order to the D.M.V.

Anyways i was looking at the little keihin carburetor it comes stock with and realized that motorized bike parts fit on these too! i was so happy to be the first person to put on a super rat intake, new intake gasket and a NT carb on a honda moped! took me less than 10 minutes to install and it runs way better and makes more power and was easy to get it jetted properly...However my question to you guys is what would be the best expansion chamber to put on one of these engines? Right now with the stock pipe Its really restrictive and very slow and struggles going up hills (30mph) top speed.... my options are a kawasaki kx65/kx85 dirt bike expansion chamber, a ktm 50 expansion chamber, a sbp expansion chamber, a pocket bike expansion chamber (cheapest) , or a custom made expansion chamber from a motorcycle shop.... looking for the most power Lemme know what i should do i hear these honda express`s are super reliable i just wonder if i put a expansion chamber and a big bore kit will i throw a rod? lol thanks guys
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