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Default Re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Me love peanut butter,and peanuts but hate peanut tanks, they just got a funny shape...........Curt
Ya, a barnacle as Scotto likes to call 'em ;-}

We can't all buy frames with a tank in them or make a good looking one ourselves YET...

... 3D printing out a custom tank to fit your beach cruiser frame is getting closer.

My first 3-D printed prototype is for the 29" Macargi Fatal Love.

A horrible name for a motorized bike but a heck of a frame and parts for under $250, I can fit most anything in it, and the upper cavity should allow over a gallon of fuel storage for distance between fill-ups which anyone with a 2L 1/2 gallon tank knows gets old fast.

I have my cardboard template with plumb line for 90 degrees.

And the basic CAD drawing is in progress.

I have help from some CAD savvy friends on my gaming web site that do this for fun making entire vehicles to play in the game which makes this 'just a part'.

There is far more to it than that I am doing in my own forums but the point is it won't be long before many can ditch the peanut for under $100.

If any of you versed in CAD for 3-D model printing in .STL format get ahold of me and join in the design fun as the more .STL files there are for different bike frames the better.
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