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FD!!! Where the heck ya been? Great to see ya Buddy


All great advise Karen and think it is correct that the likly cause of the leak is in fact from the tank.

But am thinking with 2 injuries to your wrist, you're having trouble getting things tight enough? Would make sense. Do ya have a buddy nearby who could possibly double check for tightness?

not to repeat my self but 9 out of 10 folks put the fuel filter on as you did and is not a big deal, as FD said, really won't hurt any thing as is. The reason for direction is as the gas cascades over a Christmas tree shape, the particles and "schmutz" (hehe, the technical term) have a larger area to collect on. Reversed, it works like a coffee filter and all the crapola collects in one place. So the filter needs to be changed faster. But don't hurt any thing as is.


FD, it never dawned on me that just reversing em would unleash the stuff your trying to keep out of the carb. Been not warning ppl for yrs, LOL. Wheres my sign?

Cool and thanks for that bit of very important information!
worst apocalypse ever

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