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Default Re: Leaking fuel

Your fuel filter is in up-side-down. Fuel entering the filter should be on the outside of the filter element. Not the inside. You should also eliminate the 'loop' in the fuel line. It should be a straight shot from the petcock to the carburetor.

You should easily be able to see what is leaking. Dry everything off with a paper towel, turn the fuel petcock on and watch to see where the leak starts.

My feeling is the leak is at the petcock where it threads into the tank. The fuel is running down and dripping off the filter.
If the carburetor is leaking the float valve is plugged with trash or the float level needs to be adjusted.

Regarding the second photo; get rid of the small spring on the clutch cable between the cable guide and the clutch actuator arm. It serves no purpose except to make the clutch harder to pull. Leave the bigger spring. It is a heat shield between the cable and the cylinder cooling fins.

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