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Default Re: LOL boygoesfast fuel boost

Yep... this is an object I commented on here a good while back when I seen it on BGF ebay listings, I also believe that most likely it is a controllable air leak that will lean the mix.

this very same thing could be easily done with a small flow control valve like is used inline for a small air cylinder, for someone who knows what they're doing it could work just fineand be used safely on the engine to fine tune it, but if someone didn't know what they are doing it would be e recipe for disaster......!

I know I know.... not the coreect way to be getting the ratio leaner on an engine but it could be done with an adjustable valve witha a small filter on the inlet end to keep dirt out.

I person could be running along with 4 stroking at cruise speeds and then having the valve in an easy to reach location just open it slightly until the 4 stroking just went away and then just maintain that speed, open it to much though and you would cook the engine in a short time.

I have actually just for kicks thought about rigging a setup like this up on one of my bikes and use a stock NT carb with the stock size jet in it that we all know is to big and just see what kind of performance I could get with a controlled air leak that I could keep controlled in the safe range that would give a lean run condition.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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