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Default Re: Removable Petrol Tank

LOL Lud...


One out'a 3 ain't bad. (calling myself cheap) Ain't good, but ain't bad.

"I'll get my coat" Every time I see Jimmy Carr, makes me think of you. And not because you both atalk all funny like. snork

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I never realized how great Velcro works for motorized bicycles until I went for a ride with RusticoRay. He had a GPS Velcroed to his tank. On street, dirt roads and all the regular bumps and bounces, the thing stayed fast and didn't budge. We stopped for coffee and he just popped the thing off and put it in his pocket to go inside.

With a small cheap solar collector/charger, would be perfect. But really, I was amazed how well Velcro worked.

Sort of related but shows some stuff mounted using Velcro;

Brought to you by the "People for Velcro" & "The better living through Chemistry, Coalition"
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