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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Originally Posted by Ludwig II View Post
Bag tanks are one way to do the job. I had thought rather of basic flat metal fabrication and/or folding in straight lines, and using the sealant for the gaps in a rivetted or screwed together tank.

That said, there was a racing Norton that had a soft soldered tank that lasted ok, so I suppose it's down to how you want to do things.
Is a cool thought, Lud. I was just extrapolating on it. You come up with some really great stuff and gets me brain going.

Cool part of this whole interweb thing. (I really hope it catches on) To get to sit and read your thoughts in all but realtime, 4,000 miles away and across an ocean. That and your knowledge of the British and European approaches to all of this stuff. Just uber cool.
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