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Default Re: Suicide Clutch

Man... you hit it on the nail BarelyAWake

I kind of made myself forget about this thread because of the way if started but I really appreciate all the comments, advice and concerns.

I live in Echo Park/Silver Lake in LA.

Just dropped off the form and money order in the outgoing mailbox to get a plate Venice!

I was actually thinking that sometime next week I should attempt the longest ride I have had yet and it would be cool to ride from my place to Venice Beach. Ill shoot you a PM if I can take a day off of work if I could drop by bug you for a while. I have some vacation time I need to use before its too late.

Dan, I had not even considered the pain it could be at stop lights and what not. I think that if it was placed in the right place it could work well though. My bike has a very easy take off, barely need to pedal.

I added the left mirror today already and am waiting on a brighter headlight and a red rear light. have not looked into horns yet though. As far as brakes go, I just don't have the funds disk/drum brakes. I could get a front caliper brake bike the rear is a 24" wheel and to be honest don't have enough experience to know if I can fit some in there.

I would prefer to have hand brakes so much more, I have never owned a bike with coaster brakes and though I have no issues stopping what so ever it just does not feel natural.

I added some wire loom but its going to all come off of the handle bars and stay from the frame down. Love the bulkiness up top but don't lke it on the handle bars too much. see

BikeGuy Joe, a jockey shift style clutch is what I had in mind. I most definitely confused the two and have no interest in having the clutch be on my pedal.

Thanks again to everyone!
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