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Default reliability question ( 2 stroke HT)

I just sold my first bike due to the need of a real moped...about to buy a times moped.

Let me list my comments as to why I sold it ( it was a bike berry engine kit)
I sold it because i always had gas on my pants when i got to work, the clutch acted up and the engine failed to start a few times.

My question for those with some decent experince is. IF i were to do engine work before i put it on, i replace most of the parts that cause issues i.e sprocket adapter, idler chain pully, bolts and you think i could get it to be as reliable as the tomos im about to buy? ( i want 2 really. The tomos for long trips and commuting over 50miles weekly and the HT for short trips less then 35 weekly. Do you think this is possible? If not then my 2nd motorbike will probably be more of a show bike. I like the HT 2 strokes but if I can't get even 10 miles in a week without having to work on my engine then its an issue i wanna avoid. The comments wont stop me. I just wanna know how reliable they can be if i put time into my next engine. Ive planned it out to use a dax engine, sportsmen flyer wheels, monark fork and to top it all off a 1950 jc higgins jet frame and tank. Other things are a performence carb (dont know which one yet) and a phantom bikes muffler.
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