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Default Back again, Lincoln NE

Hey guys! A few years back I bought my first china girl bike. I rode it like three times, broke the chain and never really did anything else with it. I built a pretty sweet looking old school beach cruiser I planned to put the kit on but I never quite followed through. I was on my local craigslist this week and found a newer huffy beach cruiser with a china girl on it. The guy wanted to get rid of it fast and after making sure it wasnt stolen I bought it for 70 bucks! he said it needed a spark plug, so I put the one from my other in it and it wouldn't fire. Although I think a number of things could be wrong, my best guess is that the kid shorted out the magneto. He had the one kill switch wire ground to the frame and the other connected to the white wire that is supposed to power the lights! I'm going to test the magneto and cdi, and maybe just swap out the other ones from my other kit. Once it runs, Ill debate swapping the wheels, and kit over to my old patina'd beach cruiser for maximum board track racer looks. Hopefully my pics worked!

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