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Default Re: Leather Cord Handlebar Grips?

Will look it up but there is a knot called a wiping, some times called a boy scout wipping by shore folk. It is meant to keep a pc of rope or line from becomeing frayed after cutting. Now, duct tape or heat is used to melt synthetic line's ends from fraying.

What ya do is make a loop under the bar, along it's length and how long you want your grips. Can do it on top but this will hide the bulg as both ends will be hidden under the knot.

The loop is at hanging over the end of the bar. Starting from the frame side, begin winding the leather strip. At the end, put the end of the winding through the loop and pull the other end until it draws the strip inside the windings. You should have 2 ends sticking out. You cut them close to both ends of the windings.

Way easier then it sounds and looks beautiful. Will find a vid. Must be tons as this is really easy. After you do it once, will be like nothing.
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