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Exclamation Re: Looking for a second hand motorized bicycle

Originally Posted by WayneCa View Post
I was not aware of that. A member of my church works for DMV, and he is looking up the statutes that apply for me. Thanks for telling me, as now I will have double-verification.

There was a time when motorized bikes did not require a driver's license.

It just shows how much things have changed. And as much as I am trying to find a way to legally get around in time-frames I can work with, apparently the state of California would rather make it impossible. I guess if I am forced to become illegal by operating a motorized bike without a license, then that is what I must do. The buses just don't cut it when it comes to keeping schedules.
Mopeds / motorized bikes have needed a CA drivers license for 33 years.
That was way back in 1981

$130 to $180 motor kit plus a $150 bicycle = $280 to $330

ebikes don't require a drivers license in California. Just over 16.
Yes, riding the bus gotta suck.......

Page 3 of the Motorcycle Handbook spells out M1 and M2 quite clearly.

Good info here:
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