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Default Re: Looking for a second hand motorized bicycle

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the quick reply. The problem for me is I don't have the money to buy a new, already assembled motorized bike. I priced them, and they run between $350 and $550 around the valley here, about the same as a low-end scooter (like a Vespa or something). Another problem is I don't want to have to register anything. If I don't have the cash to buy a new one, I sure don't have registration fees for something like a scooter. A motorized bike does not require registration or tags. The final obstacle is a license. My driver's license is currently revoked, so I can't deal with anything that requires one. Once again, it seems the motorized bike is the only solution for me. Fortunately I won't be traveling very far; only about 9 miles one way at the furthest. Beyond that I will be taking the bus.

I do know how to work on a bicycle, as I have worked on many over the years. Also I do have some knowledge of small engines, even if it is decades old. I believe I can keep a motorized bike on the road, and it will beat the heck out of waiting an hour for a 3-minute bus ride and then walking for 20 more minutes to get to my destination.

To be honest, I have always wanted to own a motorized bike. I have just never had excess income to spend on one, and I always purchased cars when I had my license.

I'm hoping that I will finally get to scratch that itch now that I have no other viable options for transportation. I will be checking out the forum you specified to see what I can find. Thanks again for your response. It does help.
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