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Default Re: Whole scooter for $600 vs. Bike motor for $200

When I sold my bike and began playing around with ebikes it was fun. Now due to several reasons colliding, I'm ready to move on. So I have been giving some thought to what I could get to run my fat butt around town now and then. Car is out of the question, my wife has threatened to call the highway patrol to put out an all points on me if I drive.

I have a driver's license even thought my doctor has warmed me about driving and I have to admit he is right. So how about a motorcycle, I thought. Too dangerous to me and the kids at the bus stop. I really wouldn't be much less of a risk to the public than me in a two ton car.

Motor scooter... First thing that hit my mind was, okay 900 bucks for one that might have a chance to be road worthy. What about a tire, could I find one at Wallymart or am I going to have to pay premium prices every time I need something. Can I find a carburetor or an ignition coil at all. How about a sprocket. Not locally for sure.

So I moved back to bikes gas or electric they are less expensive to buy and easier to repair. I know if the motor goes bad you are going to need to repair or replace parts that are not easy to find locally, but if it is running gear, Wallymart and bikeshops should fix you right up.

The kits aren't that hard to put on a bike. They aren't as easy as the dealers tell you but If I could do it anyone could.

Bang for your buck is a bike kit. If reliability is an issue build two, you can for the same price.
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