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That is such great advise, BA. You've said it before but I never thought about it.
(From survival training) Wind chill only effects exposed skin and kinks in your "winter armor" where the wind and cold get in and rob you of warm. (hot is the absence of cool and cold just sucks)

I really did pride my self on being well versed in the art of staying warm and dry no matter what the weather. Just shows to go ya, always some thing to learn or another way to feed a cat. (I really hate the expression "to skin..")

My mentor in life and at sea was the venerable Capt. Foss. He had a theory that bares true; "Ya ain't wet until the crack of your arse is wet and then your soaked"

Reach above your head to rig some thing or furl a sail as cold, cold water runs down your hands and wrists. Past your arm pits, collects down your neck and middle back and finally collecting in the seat of your pants. Not fun! ...and he was right!
worst apocalypse ever

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