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Default Re: Suicide Clutch

Im not looking to step on anyone's toes Tom.

It just seems that 80% of the time no matter what the topic is people seem to be quicker to bash and talk down then to help. It has actually gotten a bit frustrating. But I understand the concern completely.

If it makes everyone feel better Ill lay off the SC idea.

I actually got pulled over between this post and the previous and the cop pretty much told me that my bike was not street legal and since I don't have a vin I can't register it and this means I cannot ride it on the road with the motor on.

I did a little research about the law here in california after the fact will be sure to take better precautions.

I would like to get a license plate for it but I am not sure it will be possible without the vin #

Im sure you guys have heard it a thousand times and the responses Ill get will be far from helpful due to this. Ill just research further.
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