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Originally Posted by Rollingstones View Post
I forgot I even posted that previously. Obviously this is something I have been wanting for a while.

I understand the concern but honestly safety is not something I'm too worried about 2door.

Im a skateboarder and have been for 16 years. I jump down huge sets of stairs, grind handrails and do a lot of things more dangerous then taking one hand off of the handle bar of my bike... seems like all the replies I received on the previous thread were about why I shouldn't do it.
Just for a moment let's forget my position on this forum and allow me to post my opinions as just another member.

Maybe you aren't concerned with safety, your preogative, your body, but for the benefit of this hobby/sport maybe you should give it a little consideration. The more people who get hurt on a motorized bicycle the less chance we'll have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Legislators in many areas are looking for excuses to outlaw our bikes. It would be better for everyone to not give them more ammunition.

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