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Default Removable Petrol Tank

After my last build was stolen the day after I got it running, I made a deal with my building manager who initially was uncomfortable with my keeping the bike inside due to the gasoline. When going in for the evening, I shut off the petcock last couple of blocks of riding in order to empty the carb bowl. Up until today I would unbolt the tank which took some time, and in the morning, reattaching was dicey, if not tight enough, at times my tank would invert upsidedown, pivoting on the crossbar and dumping gas on the hot engine. This was unacceptable. I've built a harness or saddle for the tank shown below attaching the brackets to the crossbar with steel strapping, Gorilla glue, and muffler clamps. Not using the nuts, I clamp the tank down with an old belt. Saves time and is more secure than the traditional method. There are various situations one may wish to remove their tank and this method was fairly simple and effective. tankmount.jpg
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