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Default Re: Engine break in process

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
I just talked to the tech info at Maxima in San Diego who said that 8oz of oil is Crazy.

They recommend breaking in and running at 32 to 1 ratio.

There is No need to add extra oil.

The first 20 minutes of running after first start are crucial to seating the rings.
Full throttle once your motor is warmed up to seat your rings on that chrome bore for good compression.
well, that answers the first two of philosophy's three most important questions:
Who says?
Who's he?
How does he know?

we'll await an answer to the third (hopefully in the form of "running 1000 identical engines each way, one way yeilded engines that ran x number of years longer than those done the other way"
Sometimes I sets and thinks, sometimes I jes sets.
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