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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Well, you don't want to rush things. Was remembering when Allen Wrench was going to use an aluminum baseball bat for a cylindrical gas tank to fit under the cross bar. If you cut it off to length and then cut a disc for an end piece, do you think you could use this stuff to close it up?

What about filler cap and outlet? Scotto would know since he has made aluminum tanks. Me little jumping bean of a brain is starting to move a bit.
You are correct, SB; I did use Alumaweld to "braze" together my tank. It can be tricky stuff to use though. Yes, you will not want to rush things. Yes, cleanliness on the mating surfaces is next to Godliness with Alumaweld. Follow instructions to the letter and you should be fine. Practice with it until you know its quirks. Oh, with great care, it will bond to brass. That's what I did with my filler neck. I also used a tank liner. Caswell (sp?) I think it was.

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