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Default Re: I'm Motorbicycle Rider in Toronto

That's what got you "bothered" by Toronto's finest. You were on private property. You didn't treat it as a mode of transportation. If you had been riding on a residential street obeying the rules of the road you probably wouldn't have been stopped. Riding on sidewalks, or "playing" in parking lots always brings attention. Many rc plane people, or pocket bike riders, or go-cart riders try to use sidewalks and parking lots to ride in. Not a good idea.
I purposefully ride my motorbicycle in a manner that doesn't cause discomfort to pedestrians or private property owners. Drive at a safe speed, on the side of the road and use a quiet engine. (electric is good). Stay out of high volume traffic roads and don't get into situations where you are a danger to motorists.
I often see go-carts and pocket bikes "screaming up the roads" just asking for trouble. They can't be seen by pedistrians, cars, and they make way too much noise.
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