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Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
My tip: In the formation stage - As received my kit gas tank has "stuff" in it (chunks, rust, dirt). Supposedly the carb and petcock have screens in them (according to eBay kit seller)....but they must be invisible. So on the way home today, I'm buying an inline see through fuel filter at the auto parts store. SHOULD work like a champ.
I just had a service call over in New Jersey. A guy had a brand new kit he received from E-bay... The damn thing wouldn't run so I put a new carb on for him but just as I did for ****s and giggles I said lets empty the gas tank see if there's crap in it. He said shouldn't be it's brand new. I said oh yeah? Two kits so far I found a partial mouse nest in one and I found a Chinese hair tie inside another with what appeared to of all things HAIR. This guys kit had the first mouse nest. I screwed the carb on and presto it ran. It took me 2 1/2 hours to remove the tank dry it with compressed air and brake cleaner from Auto Zone thank god the guy had an air compressor. The guy worked at an auto parts store he had an awesome scope of how to assemble the bike everything was good on his end of assembly it's just the mouse nest cost him as much as he paid for the kit. My service fees are not cheap but some people are willing to pay me anything to see what they did wrong. In his case he did nothing embarrassing or wrong
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