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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by Mean.motor View Post
Hey, i just moved from hamilton last year, rode my motorized bicycle everywhere, took it on those crazy red hill valley trails alot. Even met up with a 110cc dirtbike and we booted around for a bit as i was new there and he showed me the trails. Just be careful as there is a few parts that are pretty hairy. You say theyre illegal? I never had issues and saw police a few times. Did i miss a bylaw or something? I was gunna ride my bike from hamilton to brampton even.
It's not a municipal legal issue - it's an Ontario Highway Traffic Act legal issue.

They don't meet the legal requirements of the currently accepted eBikes - the only legally exempted form of motor vehicle allowed on public streets. They aren't registerable (no manufacturer federally assigned and registered VIN), no way to insure accordingly (legal requirement) and won't meet MTO/DOT mechanical fitness and safety requirements that are required to obtain both insurance and registration for on public road usage.

Whether the police do pull you over, is another debate. Some people seem to get by with luck on their side, ignored or not noticed by the police - other's seem to be found sooner or later, and given a slew of pretty expensive tickets/bike impounded by cops, with a particular hard-on for motor-bicyclists. I've first-hand seen people on our sort of motor-bicycles using the road-ways in my area, with seeming casual abandon - but there wasn't any cops around at the time, either. I've heard a few tales of legal woe, straight from the legally stung source tale-teller .. I value my licence, my relatively low insurance rates, and my career far too much, to be taking on the risks of going on the public roads with one of these. It's a "Roll the dice and take your chances, how lucky do you feel?" sort of crap-shoot.

When the no-insurance penalty is set at a minimum of $5,000.00 for first offense, upon conviction... yeah, you are pretty much boned if you find that cop/the cop finds you that wants to make an example of you/pad his ticket quota for the month. No insurance, registration, appropriate vehicle class licence, valid plates, plus anything else that cop decides to pile on in charges, can make for a real bad financial year .. or longer.

Onterrible is NOT motor-bicycle friendly territory.. you might find isolated pockets of tolerance, but the reality is - if a cop doesn't pull you over, it's likely because he/she has bigger fish to fry, somewhere else on down the road.

I haven't used my Mk1 version on the roads - at all. It's been used on private roadways, 99% of it's lifetime. The Mk2 version, currently in the works - is being put together with the Redhill Valley specifically in mind - I live just on the other side of the highway bordering it, with a direct access pathway/roadway less than 500 feet travel distance from my door to the trail access. Given even that - i have heard of police patrolling the trail-system on MTB's on the weekends .. mostly trying to ambush motocrossers, druggies, perv's, and assorted other Ne'er-do-well's that are using/misusing the trail-system. For that reason, my Mk2 setup will be as stealthy/understated as possible, to minimize notice - and used during 'off-peak' times when the cops are theoretically elsewhere.


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