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Default Re: a little too cold to ride in the NW suburbs of Chicago today

Cold sux!

Some great threads about winter riding with tips to keep warm. Can't find a link for ya right now but there is some great advice on the subject. Main thing is no air/wind allowed in your cloths. (like a snow suit or how it works) Head, hands and feet. Keep them warm. Really helps. As much padding as ya can fit on the front of you and a face mask. Can buy some great ones with all sorts of faces on em. And be sure to wear a scarf or not allow body heat to escape out of your collar.

LOL. Sorry about the wall of text. I spent 16 yrs at sea and keeping warm is thing with me.

About your cover, I think the cheapest way to go would be a tarp. Harbor Freight, big lots and stores like that have em for 5 to 15$. They have grommet holes so could be tied really well and easily.

Can get a dedicated bicycle cover for around 30 bucks.

I would check out Crigslist for used MC/scooter/moped covers.

Just some thoughts.
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