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I had a 77 Grand Marquis that was beautiful on top but a rusted out hulk on the underside. Drove it everywhere. I filled the huge gas tank on the way to work one morning. Came out after work, was backing out of the parking space, and there was a huge clunk, then a dragging sound..
I looked under there and the entire gas tank had broken loose and fell to the ground, held up by its filler tube.
If that had happened on the highway I would have been a fireball going down I-75 on CNN news that day!
I said, "Thank you Jesus! and rigged a new mount, a guy helped me bolt it up and home I went.
To me, that was pure dee good luck, it falling off when it did.
So I believe in the Good Book, and I believe in luck.
The Lord can help you with your luck, sometimes.
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