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Personally I don't believe in luck or something being un-lucky, but if something creates fearfulness and anxiety such as a bike or motorcycle I recommend totally changing it into something that doesn't create this feeling or just getting rid of it.

nothing has ever made me feel that way since I believe in the power of prayer and believe that " Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world" I just pray and ask that negative things be put behind me and ask for a blessing in the circumstance and have faith that it will be done according to His will.

I have no fear of man or things in this life that I can or can't see, I just take authority over them and then do what I need to do.

But, I say again just like I have said before, if you don't feel right about something like Tom has described, then I say get rid of it and move on, riding scared in any way is the worst thing a person can do, that can get ya hurt or worse.

Peace, Map
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