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Default Helio (hello) from San Diego!

Hey everyone my name is Kyle and I have been enjoying building bikes for about 5.5 years now. First off I love the freedom of a motorized bike and the fact that it is different is exciting too. There are several people that call Helio thinking that i actually invented them ( yeah I wish). Anyways this forum has always been a wealth of knowledge and i thought that maybe I can jump in also. Helio specializes in 4 stroke bikes utilizing the Honda gxh50 and Honda gx35 mated to the EZM gearboxes. Enough about that stuff ( i dont want to go into my sales rant). As for me, I love engineering, new ideas, all things computers and am interested in what we as a human race will do for transportation in the future. That's why I am here and to help/get help with the future of this community. Any questions please let me know.
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