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Had a class on introduction to CNC. Really basic but uber cool. I kept getting the direction backwards until it dawned on me that the table moved and not the tool. Was a Homer moment. (Duhhh!)

The final was to write the code to pick up a tool, cut a square. Then with another tool, drill a hole. Then a second hole of a larger diameter.

All proud of my self, I hand the piece in and it is perfect.

My buddy was on the machine next to me but his program took longer. Was kinda worried. (really good guy and friend)

He had gotten in trouble and was under court ordered house arrest and had nothing to do but study.

He pulls his piece out and is grinning from ear to ear.

I must have looked confused at his happy expression so he held up his piece as he walked past me to turn it in.

His program included his signature etched into the part!
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