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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Not really on the bike but I got bored at work and welded up a small engine test stand that bolts the engine to a post for the front mount and the rear mounts to a small plate, then the whole thing can be C clamp monted to a table or workbench. The unit is small and compact, but very sturdy so it's possible to run the engine off the bike by using an aux tank like those for synching motorcycle carbs and a pull starter or a cordless drill with a beefier nut installed on the magneto side of the crank.

The main benefit of this stand is that I have something solid to mount an engine on besides the bike for other purposes like assembly, disassembly, and test fitting parts I've been fabricating in the shop when I have free time.

Right now it's almost done but I need to refill my argon bottle so I can finish the welding.
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