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Default Re: i saw this coming

Discs might just be what i do to solve this problem of mine, i need to get a new front fork in order to fit my front disc brake wheel unfortunately, and i wanted to get the nice monark springer fork. So ill have to not spend money for a couple of weeks so i can order the fork and disc brake kits, might have to go 2 weeks without the motorized bicycle but ill have a much nicer ride if i do it right, as opposed to doing the first available option to get it back on the road. I decided to build this just before our slow season at work, and hoped to get through the winter before i took the project much further, but the motor bike gods insisted, i make a much more badass bike before winter has ended.

I suppose, if i get the nice fork, and disc brakes taken care of, ill only have to invest in the worksman frame, bb, crankset, and build myself a tank, to have the bicycle i really wanted to build in early 2015. Might be good to try and find out what kind of compatability issues ill have in the meantime.

Although, being 130 pounds, and having front and rear calipers pulled on the same lever, stopped me quite effectively, even at higher speeds in the past, but i still had inteded to build a bike with discs in the long run. I do always want to have 2 brakes at all times, in the event one fails, (which has happened most recently) i wont have to use the vehicle in front of me to help me stop. The side pull brakes did the trick while it lasted, just enough to make me love riding my homemade mb. Now that im hooked, its me spending more money! It will be well worth it when ive got the nicest motorized bicycle around town!

If i get mechanical disc brakes, i should be able to use the dual brake lever still? Does anyone see any problems with that type of setup?
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