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Default Re: i saw this coming

Disk brakes can be had at a reasonable price. If I was putting gusset's and such a disk brake is a piece of cake to install. Put the wheel and brake together. Never mind a place to mount it yet. This part is easy.

Mount the brake calliper onto the disk exactly where you want it. How do you keep it there? With a rubber band at the handle bar grip of course.

Now tack weld the mount in where it goes done. Take the calliper and wheel away and weld it in real nice like! Paint it put it back together and ride..

Dunno why anybody would have much fascination for rim brakes after trying out the righteous stopping power of disk? Don't get anything smaller than 203mm especially for the front brake. A generic smaller one could prove satisfactory in the rear.

I would never go for any of those tiny tiny brake sets they have at the like of Walmart these days IME and IMHO. Just too undersized.
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