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Default Re: i saw this coming

Ive brazed with mapp gas in the past, but my father in law has a welder, if i decide to stick with this frame, ive got some pretty burly square rod that could take the place of the original fender mount. Im finding very few of these cruiser frames, have the appropriate place for calipers. I would like to upgrade to disc brakes sometime, but i could really use this bike back on the road before i can make that investment. Since my other ride is an old carburated chevy 454 that gets 5 mpg downhill with the wind behind it, the motorbike has proven very useful.

I was thinking that fender mount was also there for structral integrity, but since it was such weak tack welds, it may not have been. Do you think it would be safe without the fender mount if i did do a disc brake conversion?

My other option is to put it on this mountain bike frame, which is likely what i am going to do in the mean time. Just need the time off from work. But i still love the look of a cruiser frame with these kits and a tank on it. Its just seeming less practical until i get the disc brakes installed, or mount these calipers on in a more reliable fashion.

I might go with a workman frame for my future build though, i think it is gonna be the best of both worlds, structurally and asthetically, but the mountain bike might just be my best option for the time being.

When guys are have shift kits and suspension on a mountain bike, i think they're killer, but this one is just a burlier frame, no suspension, but all i have to do is space it for single speed, i have no use for gears derailers or any of that mess without an engine shift kit, its just more hardware to work around.

Just gonna decide if i wanna put some elbow grease into the murray, or some money into a better frame for my future build.
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