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Hi from Dave,

I'm living 10km South of Paris in France where i currently have just completed my first (after 18 months) Chinese motorized 80cc bicycle kit, an ebay US seller sold me the bike but without intructions & for someone who doesn't know the difference between a left & right hand spanner the build has been long. However it's now all but finished once i've ironed out a major fault?

Here in France my motorized bicycle get's greeted with great look's from the locals, indeed recently whilst out riding the unfinished bike but with the engine, clutch & throttle fitted i was unindated with enquiries from locals as to wear i'd purchased the kit from etc.

Now to the problem i'm experiencing being that the bike won't free peddle & only peddles slightly if the stock LD Z8C spark plug is taken out, given that the whole kit was purchased brand new i'm at a loss as to the cause of the problem. I assumed that even with the engine & parts fitted the peddles/back wheel would turn freely, but alas they don't even move? The chain is cut to allow about 3/4" freeplay, but maybe it should be more? Only by experimenting it seem's am i like'ly to find the fault.

Once i've resolved the non peddle/Backwheel issue & got the engine running smoothly i'll be transferring everything over to my French made mountain bike as the frame is built of much stronger metal & better welding along with shimano parts, unlike on the Chinese model.

Hopefully members might beable to help resolve the lack of freewheeling & in time as my knowledge increases with experience about such machines i'll beable to be of assistance to other new members who join this forum.

Here's to some happy go lucky ridings


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