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Default Re: Road Master HF 212

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
That's a beautiful bike, very nicely done the only non-plus I see is by not using a jackshaft, the engine sits 2" off center and sticks out quite a bit on the right side of the bike.

I'm sure the bike flies as I'm familiar with that engine and tranny set up Kinda hard to keep the front wheel on the ground on take offs

How far is it to Disco Bay?
Thanks Scott. I've used your builds as inspiration and certainly information while building mine. Believe it or not, when you look at the overall side dimention it's pretty centered when you consider the width of the Torque converter and flywheel. Now this is not taking into account the current stock pull start so when I get my flywheel done it will be pretty close. One of the things I knda like about it being offset is the fact that everything is accessable. Checking/changing plugs is free and clear as is removing the valve cover without moving anything around or. I guess there are lots of ways to mount the engine. I originally wanted to mount it upright but it just seemed too tight and out of place. BTW, what jetting are you running at sea level, you have a 22mm carb correct? I have a 24 Mikuni

Disco bay is Discovery Bay. It's about and hour east of the Bay Area
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