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Default Re: Drilling and Tapping JB weld

Yes, the slip fit connection on 2 stroke exhaust systems is the way to go if you can do it, it's been around about as long as 2 stroke engines and it's Very effective as the heat expansion of the inner pipe causes a seal for the outer pipe, and when things cool down there's no stress on the system especially at the exhaust port studs.
Now has some rather cool ball joint fittings that one could connect at the head and then weld on the rest of the system which also alleviates this stress at the exhaust port and gives your system a flex point where it can flex instead of crack under stress or vibration, or both.
Not that it's needed on every system, but something else to consider when building a modded system.... the slip fit method is old and tried & true tho and ya can't go wrong there on a stock or modded setup.
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