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Default Re: 80 Cc Install Problem

Originally Posted by DATHICKNECK View Post
Thanks-The real problem is the instruction manual. I found this website and the other guys manuals and they explained everything exactly what I needed to know. The pictures were clear and the explanations understandable. The ones I got seemed like "chinglish". The real thing to understand is because it is made in China, you have to go slow and not force or tighten things or you will strip everything you touch. I guess if eveything was laidout and numbered ( like the instructions when you build furniture)the average guy could easily do it. The chain broke yesterday ( had to replace the masterlink)
the gas tank leaks by the fitting ( need plumbers tape) . Hoping after I start it and lock the clutch, I can idle the bike. Thanks
Sounds about typical for your first build. My gas tank was leaking around the fuel petcock as well, thats when I realized I had forgotten to install the gasket for it.
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