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Default Re: Drilling and Tapping JB weld

What they say....don't even waste your time. Helicoil!

Edit: you might consider a slip-connection on the pipe. I have a Voodoo expansion pipe, and the interface with the head is basically 1-inch of exhaust-pipe out of the head connected to the rest of the exhaust system with a copper plumbing nipple. The expansion portion is kept in place under passive tension...I use bailing wire to keep the pipe from falling out. Others use springs. This eliminates a lot of vibration imparted by a rigid exhaust system, and greatly reduces the forces on the exhaust-port studs. Theoretically, you MIGHT get away with epoxy, but you'll have a better chance with inserting thin wire or metallic strips into the stripped stud-holes and muscling the studs in. This in conjunction with the slip-connection will work while you save up for a helicoil kit.

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