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Default Road Master HF 212

Hello all,
We'll this is my first post so I thought if start off with a bang. Long time lurker and ideas gatherer. This is my second motorized bicycle build so I wanted to go big. I'm a mechanic/fabricator by trade so tackling something like this wasn't such a big deal as I have restored and built many motorcycles over the years. Anyhow I had a lot if fun building this little beast and though it's not 100% there, it's pretty close to where I thought I could share it with you all.

Quick stats...engine
HF 212cc
18lbs valve springs
Governor removed
Billet flywheel
Handmade stainless exhaust with heat shield
Handmade stainless intake
24mm Mikuni carb
Tourque converter with 10 tooth drive for 415 chain
Otherwise it's internally stock as I really think this thing has plenty of power for a bicycle, but we'll see lol!

Circa 1949 Schwinn Road Master Luxury Liner replica from Chicago
Welded in motor mount system with adjusters for chain tension
Springer front end
204mm fully floating front disc with billet center
Twin piston hydraulic brake
Wheels are 26 alloy with 12gauge spokes with billet sprocket clamp out back with 44 tooth alloy sprocket

Fuel tank...
Hand made out of 1/8 wall aluminum (probably close to 60+ hours into that one) but it's the center piece of the build like most custom bikes so I wanted it perfect) painted, sealed internally and clear coated. Now just awaiting a couple of decals to finish her off.

I kinda wanted to do something a little different than what I've seen on here so I made most of the parts myself. We'll say its kind of a board track bobber, if you will. Starting with the motor mount. I wanted something that looked like it "came that way" so I made my own mounting plate and supports and tig'd them all in. It's very solid and also reinforces the frame. Next up was the stainless exhaust and intake manifolds. The exhaust is a stepped header with a baffle out of an Arrow carbon exhaust can that I had lying around, sound really cool. The intake, which I worked and tapered out of stainless and of course, a large k&n style filter. Instead of having the exhaust and intake either facing forward or back, I wanted a nice swept look so it appears to be moving even while sitting still. I also wanted them to follow the rear frame line a bit. I think it turned out well.

Still have some things to sort bit they're just small details. It runs well, though vibrates more than I though, and really hauls the mail. Things I'll be working on to finish her off will be to get rid off that bulky pull start and cover. I plan to machine a small groove in the flywheel so I can wrap a pull cord and old school start it then stuff the cord I my pocket. Also, machine some brake line clamps to secure them to the fork girder. A chain guide for the power chain, a new period style seat, and probably some sort of headlight and brake light since my master cylinder came with a switch. Anyhow I think it turned out well and gets the craziest of looks and compliments from "how old is that" to "where can I get one" and the usual how fast can it go etc. ect.

I'll post more pics in a bit, enjoy!

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