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Default Re: Newbie questions for upgrading

Originally Posted by UTmotorbiker View Post
Hey guys, thanks for the info. I have been doing a fair amount of research and I have heard a lot of what you guys have been saying. I live in a pretty hilly area but I'm hoping that the 41T will still let me climb the hills and give me the boost in mph I'm looking for. I kinda get the sense its running a little rich and guzzling gas a little more than it should be. Any recommendations?

My bike runs sluggish when its cold but then picks up speed after warming up. However I don't feel like it ever revs up that high and I'm hoping there is some little tuning things I can do to help it run a little better.

Thanks for the info guys!
My suggestion would be to learn to read your spark plug after your breakin. I don't have extensive experience with these little two strokes, but have tuned racing go-kart engines for many years. Your plug can tell many tales about what's going on concerning combustion...Steve
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